Have you forget your Schedule? Forget assignment that lecture give to you? or maybe you forget important meeting with professor?

G-4IP is the Solution

So, What is G-4IP?

G-4IP is stands for Great 4 Index Point

Is the Schedule and Reminder Software for Student and lecture. We know as a college students, we often occupied with sooo many assignments, projects, meetings even a courses, that can make us soo tired, not focus and start to forget about something.

Because of that reason, we create G-4IP for you. Why G-4IP ? Because, in this software, we have a several feature that can make you easily to manage your schedule even you can message your lecture to ask permission to not attend the class. We will recommend you to use this apps with all of your classmate and the professor that give lecturer in your class.

Here’s the features :

  • Schedule : It will shows your schedule. What is your courses, What time, Where the class will held and Who is the lecturer. It will be default came from the apps after you sign up.
  • Reminder : You can see your own reminder, even you can create your own reminder too. We prepared 2 kinds of reminder. It’s Private and Public. For Private, it’s your reminder for yourself, so, your classmate don’t know about that. And Public is the reminder for your class. for example that there are Calculus assignment that should be collected in Monday, the reminder will remind all of your classmate about that.
  • Message : For this feature, we can deliver message to professor or lecture. Even you can ask permission if you can’t attend the class with attach your doctor’s letters and you can send your locations to make sure that you’re in hospital to medical treatment.

How’s about that?

This software still ongoing to be produced. We hope that we can finish this apps, and we can tried the apps. So, if there’s problem we can fix it. And make this apps to become the real application that can be used by peoples. Specially for Telkom University students.