Date Picker

142370.jpg datepicker3.PNG

I implement the Date Picker Widget using MaterialCalendarView from this site. Date Picker Widget used to pick a date for make a new reminder or check the reminder that has been made by ourselves or someone who share it in the same class.


These are the code to show the selected date as Textview. The item that is shown is Day Name, Date, Month, and Year. By dragging up the Date Textview, we can see the reminder that already made, and by press the pink add button, it can make a new reminder. As it shows in the picture below.

Slide Up Panel

142384.jpg slideUp1.PNG

I use Sliding Up Panel Layout from this site. This widget used to slide up the reminder list to cover the date picker screen. By sliding it down it can be seen the Date Picker again.

New Reminder Screen

Time Picker

142385.jpg 142386.jpg 142387.jpg

I implement the default Time Picker from Android Studio and use Pop Up Window Method to make a pop up for the time picker. By choosing the time from the pop up screen and choose OK, the time in the Time Edit Text Box will change into the time that was just chosen. As it can be seen from the picture of code below.


This code used to make the Pop Up Window and get the selected time.

Share Class

142385.jpg 142388.jpg

For the part that is to choose class that want to be shared with, i implement Firebase Database to shows the class that the user assign into.


The code above used to retrieve data from the Database and shows the data as Spinner using Array Adapter.

Save Data


As it can be seen from the code above, it used to save the data by get all the data from the field and save it in the database.

Implement Fragment Screen for menu Navigation Drawer

142495.jpg  142501.jpg142496.jpg 142370.jpg

By pressing the selected menu from navigation drawer, it can directly shows the screen by using Fragment Activity. The code below shows how to change the screen fragment for each of the menu that was selected.