What has been done :

  • There are several things and benefit or essential  that I has done in this Android and Capstone courses:

at firs team work is going and run well for first sprint but the next its not that good enough but what ever the situation I am try to do my jobdesk continuously event though I am not really fast in learning the thing such as the code but actually the xml is a litle easy then its java so regarding make the layout and its function the java is becoming problem for me but with this problem I am try to solve it by my self then if I am can not get to solved the problem I am try to as the lab assisten like laras or fikli , so if they has no time to meet , I am utilize the technology provided which is team viewer so they can help me to check the error on my code so far I am feel that most of the days in this semester I am always spend the time at least 1 hour /day to check my code to improve something to my xml but I ,at the end not finish at all And for this I am really fell painful and I summarize that My self learning is not too fast or there some problem of the way or technique that I choose to study or learn about it , but over all I am really enjoy the process because of this thing I get my new experiences for study continuously .

What need to in the Next????

  • try to searching the method that match the course to learn the related course for better improvement especially something like code
  • still maintain the way of study continuously
  • Always be spirit and able to utilize the technology provided for help as in our study and learn together event the time and place is different but we can used the technology to discuss the things
  • and not forget believing the miracle of God (Hard Intention>Hard Working>Hard Prayer>Hard Patient)

For : Lecture

Sir Thanks for being our supervisor in this course May God Allah SWT Bless you in your life If we Have any mistake please forgive us