on the 7th week we put the icon using image asset to the menu bar and its still error, remember? now we know how to solve it and the finalization of the home and menus interface.


this is the final interface that we already make. there’s no necessary problem to create the interface. How we do that? let’s see . . . .

Previously we add the picture for the icon of the menu is from image Asset rite? but to connect to the activity_menu_drawer.xml itself, the picture should be on xml too.. so how we can convert the picture to xml? that’s very complicated. And the easiest way is used Vector assets. How?


Right click on the res and choose new and Vector Assets, Right below of the Image Assets


Choose the icon that want you used in your menu, in here I use Home. and then Click OK


Click next and finish. and you will get your ic_home_black_24dp.xml

and this is the code .xml of your icon. you can see on this code, the size already automatic also the color. you can change it to diffrent color if you want. And the things that make it different is pathData. this is will be become path of home icon itself and can be used or connect to the other xml.


Do the same for the other icon that want you use


So, its time to put in to the activity_menu_drawer.xml

put your icon in android:icon=”@drawable/youriconname”

do the same with the other.


and this is the result of what we do ….


WAIT ! did you see the background of the menus? is that home interfaces that we create before? .. on previous week, we haven’t do that do we? we put in different layout do we?

Yes.. !

I just realize that we cant separate the home layout with the menus itself. we can imagine that if the menus is being run, they dont have home interface rite? so thats why I delete the activity_home.xml and copy all of the code to the content_menu.xml.

sooo, the result like in the previous picture. DONEE !


Problem :

because we not use empty activity, there are some code that we should reassemble so it can suit with our app. But, sadly nobody is perfect :”) even we thy to solved it there are another problem that need to be solved.

See you on the Sprint 3 🙂