Part 3

in this week, each of us are learn how to pull to the github. And the next we just waiting laras as a admin to confirm it. And in this week also, we have daily meeting to talk about the next jobdesk and about the database that we created. But, for some of us, like me still concentrate to build an UI in the Android Studio. Lets continue,,,,


this is the last time I created the UI, Before I have problem to change the menus. But, now I already change that become like this


to do that, open the folder like in picture  below :


in this you can change your menu what you like. don’t forget to prepare the image to change the icon of the options in menu.


wanna know how insert the icon of the picture ?

first right click on the drawable > new > Image Assets


and there will be open new windows like this


give the name, and click on the clip art if you want to change the icon.


if you done, click OK and it will back in the first interfaces


click next and finish


and you’ll will find your image 🙂

the next is how we put the icon to the application, I figure all of the example is change the image to the xml. but until now, I still dont know what supposed I do to fix the problem. I already try to make XML of home and the other, but its still the same.