Part 2- Creating Interface Home

Last week, I already make the background of the interface, in this week I try add more interface to complete Home Interface.


Remember, based on this picture I will create the interface. Now, more deeply through the placed where Schedule and Reminder placed.

The Final Result is :

home jadi

To make the layout, I used LinearLayout, Button, and TextView,


The First code is for Home Text in the top, that placed in RelativeLayout


The next is how we create Interface of Schedule. in this time I still input the schedule manually, the next will be from our database, to it will be changed every day. And will show the Schedule. Do the same thing in the Reminder.


and this is the code for make the button.

The Next, we will create this interface


To do that go to the java and right click > new > activity > Gallery. like in this picture


In Android studio have navigation drawer activity, choose it and next and fill the name of your activity and click finish.


in the xml, you’ll find 4 layout of the activity that we already choose previously. and our task is to modified it so can give the result like in our mock up.


Problem :

If you think that create Interface of an application is easy, then you should think more deeply, its easy if you know all the feature or widget that android studio’s give to you. but for me, it need more practice and knowledge about that. I hope between me and the Android Studio can connect and knowing each other so well…